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20.8 Difference Between John 14:14 & John 16:23
    Difference Between John 14:14 and John 16:23
    When praying according to John 14:14, you are asking Jesus, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to do something for you; as an example: to forgive your sins; to forgive sins of a loved one; to destroy curses; to destroy evil strongholds; to protect your child, etc. When praying according to John 16:23, you are asking your Heavenly Father to give you something in Jesus Christ’s Name; for example: to give you total deliverance; to give you total peace; to give your child salvation; to give you financial freedom, etc. You are either asking Jesus to do something for you, or asking God to give you something; the importance is to pray to God; mirroring the scripture that applies to what you are asking; stating to God that Your Word says this… John 14:14 – do or John 16:23 – give … and I am standing on Your Word to do/give unto me ______.


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