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64.3 Freedom Prayer
    Heavenly Father, I (we) come to You now in the Name of my (our) Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Holy Spirit, I (we) pray that You will quicken me (us) to hear my (our) Heavenly Father’s Voice and lead me (us) in prayer. Heavenly Father, I (we) bow and worship before You. I (we) come to You with praise and with thanksgiving. I (we) come to You in humility, in fear, and in trembling. I (we) come to You in gratitude, in love, and through the precious Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, I present to You myself, my family, and my property. By the power of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind the power of satan’s demons and all dominion of darkness seeking entrance into our lives. I bind any demonic assignments spoken or sent against us, and pronounce them to be no effect. “For this reason the Son of God was made manifest, to destroy the works of the devil.” 1 John 3:8. I declare the ways and works of darkness over all of us to be broken. I bind the satanic forces of nature from harming any property that we possess, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask You to expose and bring into light, negative inner vows and strongholds that contradict Your Word and Will. By the breath of Your Spirit, release Your truth as a sword to expose falsehood, curses of self-rejection, self-hatred, and reactive hatred and bitterness towards others. I take up the sword of Your Word and cut ourselves free from the bondage of generational strongholds and ungodly character defects. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I renounce all relationships dishonoring to the Lord, Heavenly Father, break the power of soul ties over our minds and emotions for ourselves and for those people. I proclaim our freedom to be the children of Yahweh God, to live as You intended us to live, filled and overflowing with the light and power of Your Holy Spirit, filled with the life and love of Jesus Christ. I claim the full protection of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God over our individual lives, our marriages, families, possessions, churches, neighborhoods, towns, and nations. “You, O Lord are a shield about us. Our glory, and the lifter of our heads.” Psalms 3:3. In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name, I pray with thanksgiving. Amen.

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