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3.31 Prayers for Those Who are Incarcerated


      3.31.1 Prayer to Pray a Person Who is Incarcerated

        Prayer to Pray for a Person that is Incarcerated Heavenly Father, I bind all of satanís evil spirits that are in _______ís presence, in this prison and anywhere they will go today. Heavenly Father, according to Your Word in Matthew 16 and 18, You have given me the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever I bind and loose on earth shall be bound and loosed in heaven. I ask You, if it is Your Will, to loose Your mighty warring angels in great abundance into _______ís presence; and any areas that they may be in today. Heavenly Father, it is written in Psalms 91 and Matthew 6, that You are our deliverer and I ask that You give ________, total freedom, total liberty, and total salvation from all evil that may try to interfere with Your Will for _______ while he/she is incarcerated. Heavenly Father, I ask You to give ________ deliverance from all sickness, addictions, anger and influences of satan. I ask You Lord to deliver them from all bitterness, resentment and past memories that are keeping ________ from moving forward and making the best of their lives while they are incarcerated. I ask You Lord to help __________ to use this time to develop a closer relationship with You, Lord. In faith, Lord, I am thanking You for giving _______total freedom, liberty and salvation from all these things according to Your will. May these deliverances be used to glorify You, Heavenly Father and become a testimony to You and to all of the inmates and jail employees that ________ will come in contact with while incarcerated Heavenly Father, I ask You to render harmless and nullified, destroyed and cancelled the power of any plans that satan might have for ________ while he/she is incarnated. Heavenly Father, I ask You to fill ________with your precious Holy Spirit and with all the fruits of Your Spirit including Your love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, meekness, faithfulness, and I ask You to loose into each of them a spirit of repentance, conviction, and wisdom. I ask that You Lord, continue to release Your presence and Your glory in and around ________and the prison (jail) that he/she is in. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

      3.31.2 Prayer to Help an Ex-Convict to Stay on the Right Path

        Prayer to Help an Ex-Convict to Stay On the Right Path Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank You for the Grace You have afforded me. Heavenly Father, I come to You a broken person in great need of repair. I ask You, Lord to help me to stay strong in You and not get back into the rut that put me in prison. And as I go forward Lord, depending on You to help me to stay out of prison. I believe you came to heal my broken heart and to set me, a captive free. I desperately need the great physician to repair my soul Lord. Come into my heart, Lord. Free me from any resentment, anger, hatred or self-pity. Replace my loneliness with your holy presence. Replace my fear with total trust in you. Give me the holy gift of your peace no matter what circumstances I find myself in. Protect my loved ones, let them begin to see that I am a changed person who is trying to do right, Lord. Help me to become a part of their lives again. Lord Jesus, send Your holy angels to keep us all safe. Holy Spirit, come with all your gifts to comfort, nurture, and strengthen me in this difficult time of my life. Lord have mercy on me, Amen -AN ANONYMOUS EX-CONVICTĖSENT TO PASTOR MILLIE

      3.31.3 Godís Paint Brush

        GODíS PAINT BRUSH Have you ever watched the sun set, or seen the waves crash upon the sand, and look up into the sky to see birds flying above the land. Have you ever watched two deer play, or seen a wolf howl at the moon, or see a shooting star in the sky on a hot summer night in June. Have you ever watched the snow fall or seen ice hanging from a tree, or see two kids making a snowman for their families to see. Have you ever watched a woman give birth, or seen two strangerís fall in love or see two families brought together through an ever lasing love. Have you ever watched a miracle happen or seen a sinner be born again and know that life is so precious because God painted it with His Own Hands!! (Submitted to Pastor Millie by Inmate James Hudson. Used here by permission.)

      3.31.4 Prayer Against the Loneliness of Being Incarcerated

        Praying Against the Loneliness of Being Incarcerated Dear Father Jesus I had to pray to You today. Iím so scared and lonely, I didnít know what else to do. So I bowed my head and prayed to my Heavenly Father up above. Thank You Father Jesus for your everlasting love. You died on the cross for me and You came back from the dead. You washed away my sinís by the blood that You shed. Now Iím at lifeís cross roads and I donít know which way to go, Please Father Jesus reach out Your hand for me to hold. Lead me down the right path and forgive me for my sins. Please take away my pain and sorrows and help me to understand. Father You are my shining star in the sky at night. You help me down lifeís dark roads and make sure I do all right. Now Iím understanding that I never was all alone, even when I saw only one set of footprints behind me, It was Yours because I wasnít alone. (Submitted to Pastor Millie by Inmate James Hudson. Used here by permission.)

      3.31.5 Inmates Prayer for Deliverance

        Inmates Prayer for DeliveranceĖ ďYesterdayĒ How Did I Get Here? When I take a moment to look back in time, A whirl of mistakes comes to mine. Selfish visions of times gone by. Deceit and deception in a world full of lies. I feel the turmoil and pain Iíve given away. All the passionate fury of yesterday. Then comes night and Iím all alone, So far away from a place I call home. My heart opens up and begs for change, Asking for help in changing lanes. Sorrow comes and tears fall free, Longing for a better destiny. I feel in my soul that my prayers are Heard; I pray that they will be answered. Come hear my prayer Lord I will do whatever You say. For there has to be a better way Ė One much more peaceful than yesterday. (Submitted to Pastor Millie from inmate S. White. Used here by permission)

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