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2.83 I Will Worship You (Poem)

     I Will Worship You
    Sometimes this child can feel so weak,
    And words of faith are hard to speak.
    ‘Cause it seems my prayers fall on deaf ears,
    In the silence I may shed some tears.
    But my faith is not in how I feel,
    Though the threat of harm can seem so real.
    And should this whole world fall apart
    Deep within my heart of hearts… I know that…

    I will worship, I will worship, I will worship You.
    In the warmth of the bright sunlight,
    In the coldness of the darkest night,
    Oh Lord, I will draw near, as You wash away my fear,
    I will cling to You,
    And I’ll sing to You,
    Sweet praises, and worship… I’ll worship You, Jesus.
    ©Gwen R. Burton, used here by permission

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